The Entrepreneurial Process

Guy McManus & Marcus Powe PhD

Opportunities are everywhere. Can you see them? Can you turn them into reality?

The journey of starting, growing and managing businesses and organisations requires energy, passion, intelligence, perseverance…you name it! You have probably read books on all those subjects.

But have you ever thought of minimum effort for maximum results? When was the last time you stopped, thought and reflected?

‘The Entrepreneurial Process’ is a new book that for the first time brings together

  • creativity
  • the enterprising mindset
  • the innovator’s toolkit.

Some of you will be thinking, ‘I can’t be taught to be creative or innovative’. We say after twenty years of teaching men and women in three countries, ‘You can’.

This book shows you another way to travel in a turbulent marketplace, a chaotic environment with ferocious competitors. It is a way to increase your choices and reduce the effort to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Welcome to a new way.