Marketing for Growth

Guy McManus & Marcus Powe PhD

We believe the essence of marketing can be broken down into two separate but linked questions: ‘how do you get someone to continue buying your product?’ and ‘how do you change someone’s behavior to switch to your product?’

Marketing will help your organisation to grow if you do it properly. Marketing is not just a one-off activity that you do once a year. It is a continuous loop that your organisation needs to keep doing. ‘Marketing for Growth’ brings together the strategies that allow your organisation to grow. There are many different types of marketing strategies. However, in this handbook we cover finding out where the customers in your market are, working with other organisations, planning for new products, moving past the challenges of product innovation, and getting customers and organisations to say ‘Yes’.

The hardest part of marketing is effectively implementing your plans and strategies and managing them to a positive outcome. If you can’t measure something you can’t manage it effectively. ‘Marketing for Growth’ is practical and pragmatic as it will assist you to implement marketing plans in a chaotic and turbulent marketplace. This book will assist you in becoming more proactive and growing your organisation.