The Creation of Sustainable Value

Guy McManus & Marcus Powe PhD

To endure in today’s turbulent markets you must make connections to create value that competitors can’t see. How will you know which connections to make to create value?

To most people the term ‘value’ only relates to money. Value is much more than this and often occurs at three different levels: the individual, the organisation and the community.

‘The Creation of Sustainable Value’ brings together for the first time

  • the tools of a creative mindset
  • a proven method to accelerate innovation
  • techniques for sustained value and growth.

Creating sustainable value is the process of linking these three levels.

This book illustrates how the creative and enterprising mindset gives you the ability to create or seize an opportunity and the actions required to pursue it; regardless of rejection and resources.  The models and techniques in this book offer you a way of creating sustainable value and positioning your organisation ahead of the competition.