Event: Entrepreneur? Now think like a Venture Capitalist

Everything you wanted to know about the capital market, but were too afraid to ask!

By: Marcus Powe, EIC Growth and Barry Cooper, Cooper Advisory

Negotiate your venture finance from a position of strength. Simply put: Your learning, trading and understanding of the money world will enhance your negotiation skills and make you an equal in the investment negotiation.


Entrepreneurship is a competitive business: not only in the product and services markets, but for the attention of investors. It’s important for entrepreneurs to see their offerings through the eyes of a venture capitalist – a crucial component of a thriving entrepreneurial community.


The iniPax “game” simulates this world. Participants take the role of venture capitalists in an active trading market. They begin with equal portfolios of the shares of a handful of entrepreneurial companies – along with a stock of trading cash.

Jump right into the capital market place! Your company is waiting. What could possibly go wrong? You will quickly see what works and what does not. Learn the terms, the plays and the market dynamics in a way that is fast, fun and real.

About the facilitators:

marcus-powe-facilitatorMarcus Powe

Marcus is RMIT’s Entrepreneur in Residence, and teaches Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Marketing and Business Planning. He has a long career in the industry specialising in the growth of industry, community and service organisations. He has worked with over 400 organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore assisting them to create new strategic choices. More…

professional_barry-cooper-croppedBarry Cooper

Barry has spent many years as a business adviser, in senior management positions in government and as a business consultant and a company director. He was one of the founding directors of a stock exchange which has now become the National stock exchange of Australia. His career has been dedicated to giving growing companies the kick-start and advice they need to get through their formative years.